Relay or Individual Registration available.
Early Registration Fee: $50 College Students, $60 Individual, $95 Relay
$10 Late Fee after 8pm Friday August 5.  Registration will be available online and onsite Saturday and Sunday: $60 College Students, $70 Individual, $105 Relay.


Register before August 5 to avoid a $10 late registration fee.

Participants will receive a race t-shirt.  Register before August 1 to secure your T-shirt.

16 thoughts on “Register

  1. I was wondering if I registered for this (can’t remember) … can you check the list and let me know? Thanks


  2. Hi there! I do not have Facebook, so I cannot contact you via Facebook for any questions.
    Might you have a company email or phone that I could direct my questions to???

    I have never done a Triathlon before, but I am determined to do this, this year.
    I simply have a few questions, I want to be sure I am prepared for the course…

    1) Is a wetsuit allowed?
    2) What items are REQUIRED?
    3) For the open swim – in order to train, as I have never done this before, do you know if I would be allowed to swim the designated course at any point prior to August 21, just to get a feel for the distance and such? Or is that not allowed, do you know? Should I be asking someone else?
    4) For the bicycle area, do I need to lock up my bike or anything? Will it be safe, along with my gear, to just sit there?
    what about after the bike ride, do I need to lock up my bike again anywhere to begin the 5k?
    5) Do you have any recommendations for what to wear on my feet for an open water swim? I don’t particularly want to go into the water bare foot.

    I know the race is to begin at 6:30 am – what time do I need to arrive? 5:30 am? Sooner? Later?

    What other things might I need to know, or that I am not thinking to ask?
    Thank you for your time!


    • Alexis –
      1 – yes wetsuits are allowed
      2 – you need all equipment needed to swim, bike, and run the course safely. That includes a safe bicycle helmet.
      3 – I would suggest getting in touch with the Peoria Triathlon Club about their open water swims hosted on Weds & Thurs nights throughout the summer. The course we swim is not open at any other time to the public.
      4 – Your bicycle will be secure in transition. no need for a lock.
      5 – You can wear swim shoes if you’d like, they tend to be warm, but neoprene swim socks or shoes can be worn. the race will start at 730 or 8 am (waiting for the city on this one) I’d arrive as early as you are comfortable (6 am is plenty of time to get set up)

      It’s your first race. Have fun! We will see you there.


  3. I cannot register. When I enter my birthdate, an error appears that reads “must be between 1 and 23 to register”. I wish I was 23, but unfortunately am quite a few years above that. 🙂


  4. Hi, I am having the same issue as last year where I cannot sign up as a student because my age is not “1-23”. Can you help please?


  5. Hi, I have the same problem as Amanda. I am a graduate student at the Peoria campus of the UIC college of Nursing. Am I not able to receive the student discount?


  6. I signed up as an individual racer but would like to know if that could be changed to a relay registration.


    • There is not rental equipment available for this race. There will be a wide variety of equipment used ranging from basic mountain bikes to full-on triathlon specific expensive machines. Using what you have may help you determine what you may want to use in the future.


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