While this race will not be USAT sanctioned, all participants should adhere to a basic set of rules to ensure their safety and the safety of others around them.

The swim will be split into 3 or 4 waves depending on the final registration numbers.   Waves will be split 3 to 5 minutes apart.  There will be safety boats along the course.  If you experience any trouble please use these boats for rest.  Raise your swim cap and the boats will come to you.  Inexperienced open-water swimmers should start towards the back of their wave and allow as much room as possible between themselves and other swimmers.  Ladders or stairs will be used to exit the water, and expect the surface of the dock to become slick on your way to transition.

The bike course is closed to traffic.  Riders are to stay to the right when not passing other cyclists.  Passes are to be made on the left side.  The road is mostly smooth but there will be areas of rough pavement.  Take caution in rough zones, through turns, and when returning into transition.  AVOID RIDING IN THE GUTTER of the ROAD.  Drain Covers have parallel grooves and your wheel can get sucked into them.  Do not draft off of other riders.  All riders must keep a safe distance between each other to avoid collision.  Penalties for unsafe cycling will be awarded.  There will be plenty of beginners in this race.  Ride responsibly.  IF a car should enter the course, do not panic, follow the rules of the road.  There will be police on all intersections with traffic lights.  Let them take care of vehicular traffic.   Participants will be riding a portion of the course 2 times.  At the end of your second loop stay to the right when entering transition so those continuing onto their second loop can do so.

The run course will be held almost entirely on a trail.  This trail will not be closed to pedestrian traffic.  There will be a few potential areas of cross traffic that will be clearly marked.  The finish line will be on the riverfront side of the Gateway Building, near the fountain.   After finishing please return to the transition area as we need to get the area cleared by 11am.

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